Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Little Red in My Day!

I added one dark red in the busies of having my peoples here!
All four grown children and their families are here!
There are 17 people under the roof!
It is wonderful chaos and I am loving it!!!!
(When do I sew-very early in the morning before too many grandbabies awaken!)


  1. Lovely blocks, so blessed to be surrounded by your family and also able to sneak a little sewing time in. Sounds like life is good.

  2. 17 people in your house and you STILL managed to get some RED sewing done for the RSC? Nice work!!

  3. Enjoy your people :) I'm impressed you go some sewing in at all! I love these blocks.

  4. So many people. Sounds lovely! Though I am sure you will appreciate the return to normal when it happens.

  5. Beautiful - I've always loved deep reds with white! When I was making jewelry, one of my fav combos was garnets and pearls (which I did for my wedding jewelry)

  6. YOu must be having the time of your life. Enjoy!

  7. Seventeen under one roof! My stars! What fun! What chaos! Enjoy! Some great red starry blocks.

  8. I am surprised that you can sew at all - I'd just be trying to get everyone fed and watered:) enjoy the mayhem, while it lasts - and let the visitors do all of the hard work:)


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