Monday, March 6, 2017

From Ta-Da to To-Do !!!!

 I made this shawl several years ago when I took a Craftsy class on designing shawls.
I learned a lot and loved the class.
I didn't love the shawl.
It was grey and I don't wear grey well.
I loved the yarn, as it is hand spun Shetland, so I knew this yarn had to be saved but I was willing to say goodbye to the shawl!
I skeined up the yarn and it looked so curly after being a shawl for a few years! lol
Into the dyepot it went!
I wanted one lighter olive and one skein a darker shade of olive green.
I haven't dyed grey Shetland so I was a bit concerned with how it would affect the dye I mixed up but gave it a go!
I had a terrible time getting the green to look right in the photo!
This looks more evergreen than they are but it is the best I can do for now!


  1. They look gorgeous!

    I so agree with you. If you do not like what the yarn has become, turn it into something better.

  2. I have a similiar "problem" with grey! I like spinning it, I like knitting with it - but it makes me look "blah", when I wear it. the greens are much nicer, even though they're hard to photograph. I find that grey garns make lovely dyed batches, as long as you don't expect clear and bright colours! what are your plans for the "new" yarn now?

  3. That was brave!!! It looks great in it's new color. I've also got some gray Shetland that needs a change. You give me courage.

  4. You did a fantastic job with that yarn. I am all for frogging something you don't like and using the yarn in a new way.


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