Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holding Pattern

 During the morning, it looks like this!
I have the two boys this week.... 
 One of the ladies my Mom knows was saying she needed to make a quilt block for a grandson's wedding but she was clueless on how to make a block.  
Mom volunteered to help her out.
So we made a butterfly block for her to send out!
Easy when you know what you are doing!
 In the afternoon when little one is down for his nap, I get to do some knitting!
This is the Hap for Harriet shawl.
Will is getting to do this!
We are both ready for some slow time in the afternoons!


  1. That pool photo is precious. Lucky guy!!!

  2. Look like you are having fun.

    Love the color on your Hap.

  3. Butterflies!!! Awesome to watch and to sew! The pool scene is adorable. Looks so inviting and so relaxing. We are coldish and dreary in Wisconsin. SOOOOO jealous

  4. Oh that pool chair looks wonderful! I could easily doze away in one of those. Looks like you are having fun!

  5. Looks like super sweet times at your place! So cute. It was lovely you two helped your Moms friend, those gifted quilts are so special to the recipient.

  6. I know you are enjoying every minute with those sweeties.

  7. That is a sweet picture of them! <3


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