Monday, March 13, 2017

Just Imagine!

 We celebrated Abigail and David's birthdays since we were all together!
 Their birthdays are in March and April but we rarely get to see them so it was fun to celebrate early!
 We had those who loved the sun 
 and those who loved the shade!
It was nice to have a choice!  
The day was predicted to be cloudy and rainy but as usual, we disregarded the report and had a wonderful day for a grill out!
And the coup de gras for this Mom-
all four of my children together for worship on Sunday.
7 of my 8 grands were present, too!


  1. Sounds like you're having some wonderful family time.

  2. How glorious. The pool pictures make me very happy as we have snow today. Im envious but thrilled for you with your family and the pool! More pictures!

  3. Family times are the best times! I can't wait for Easter, even though one of mine won't be making it home.

  4. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend. Like others, the pool pictures are calling me (we're in for the Nor'easter starting tonight...)

  5. Your family is beautiful. So glad you have enjoyed each other.

  6. Happy birthday, Abigal and David. Sounds like everyone had a PERFECT day!

  7. What a lovely day with the family! It's so nice you all could celebrate together in the sunshine! They are getting so big/tall!


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