Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quilts-Old and New

Mom and I sorted through some old blocks she had made of the bow tie blocks (with the center being three-dimensional) and some slightly larger blocs her sister had made.
Aunt Bett had Alzheimer's and forgot that she knew how to sew and make quilts or knit or crochet...such a terrible thief of a disease!
So Mom wanted to make something out of the blocks instead of a pile in a box!
We trimmed the blocks all to the same size (6 1/2") and set them out on the design wall.
Hooray, there were just enough to make a lap quilt! 
I loaded up the next quilt on the frame!
Medallion top will become a quilt very soon!


  1. A wonderful way to honor your Aunt's skills.

    The bottom quilt is very pretty too.

  2. I too find this finish in her honor so lovely. MY dear mom has forgotten that she crocheted us beautiful blankets . We still snuggle under the blankets and that is a comfort. My mom loved her cigarettes and has completely forgotten that she smoked. What a way to give up the cigarettes :(

  3. Oh...the masterpiece is being quilted! I can't wait to see it. The bow tie blocks are so quaint. They remind me of my great grandmother's quilts. And YES, Alzheimer's is cruel. Poor Daddio spends his days folding and unfolding an adult bib. Just three years ago he was producing gorgeous paper pieced quilts. It's terrifying.

  4. How nice to see the sisters' blocks working together to make a beautiful quilt...sad and happy at the same time.

    That medallion quilt looks so complicated! Have you decided on a quilting design yet?

  5. IT is a horrible disease. I am so glad you used the blocks, they look gorgeous.


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