Friday, March 17, 2017

Rambling Toes....

I have a completed pair of socks in the Petty Harbour pattern in
Wandering Cat Yarn's superwash Merino/nylon I Wanna be a Cowboy colorway.
I worked these over 64 stitches on a number 1 needle -a new try for me over more stitches but they fit wonderfully-probably because this pattern is a broken rib variation. 
 Nice texture and an interesting knit.

Fewer grands around.....
Seattle kids still struggling to feel well.
We're making the best of it and enjoying the time together!


  1. Your sock looks great. The heel patterning is really pretty!

  2. Socks look great! Alley Cat is great for stitch definition and texture.

  3. Nice socks! How did you find the time with the house full to get anything done? Love that photo of the kids on the tractor. Grandpa (?) looks like he's having a ball!

  4. Awesome socks. Really really nice finish.
    The kids in the scoop, is just too funny. Not funny that they were sick though. Hope you had a grand time anyhow

  5. Love your socks. I'm knitting that pattern for my done and need to cast on the other.

  6. My little one was ill for two weeks, it is ridiculous how this stays around. Hugs.


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