Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It Happened Without Me

 On Monday I finished knitting this little hat for Ella, I had made one in the hospital that was just too small for her!  My fault for trying a new pattern under duress~  :'(
I folded up my birthday present of these batik fat quarters and arranged them in rainbow order!

And then late morning, the FLU hit; like a truck and I have been in bed since.  Yup, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day came and went without waiting for me.  A good point to remember for the new year ahead..........


  1. Hoping you are at full-bore by the end of this week! Sending a hug.

    The fabric is lovely -- isn't it fun to look at something like that and just feel the thrill of all the possibilities?!

  2. I hope you are back to full health very soon!

  3. the fabrics look lovely, very summery and inviting! I hope you're going to be well enough again soon - to play with them!
    all the best for the new year - and less flus and colds etc....

  4. Oh Good Grief!! You and Rhonna and your on either sides of the world! I so hope you feel better. Good thing the babies and mom's didn't get it! Stay in bed!


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