Thursday, January 17, 2013

Knitting and Sewing

 Today, Mom and I took an online class for two-colored double knitting.  It felt good to stretch our knitting muscles and we had a lot of laughs along the way!  The first good laugh when we realized the computer didn't have speakers and we had to try to lip read the class!  Once we wiped the tears away, I had the bright idea of listening to the class from my Kindle while we watched on the bigger screen-it took just  a bit of coordination to get the two devices in sync!  Just how it goes for us!
After a few false starts and several outright mistakes.......the lightbulb went on and we managed to knit our learning swatches! 
  Both of us finished out little squares tonight as homework.   This is one side of my work;
  and this is the other.  The next project will be a headband/ear warmers for our double knitting in the round!  Alone this would have been hard-together it was great fun!
 After lunch, we put away the knitting and got out the sewing equipment to make a knitting tote for Mom.  Since they will be flying home, they didn't bring as many supplies as usual with them.  Mom stocked up on supplies when she got here but one of the projects we wanted to make was a bag to hold and transport her knitting projects.
 We managed to find all the fabric we needed in my stash!  The tote is about 11" x 13" x 6" and double interefaced not quilted.
 We put pockets on the inside for  chocolates , knitting gadgets.  Over all, we had a wonderful day together!
It clouded up this afternoon to end our 80"s streak and sprinkled a bit so Dad came in and did some reading while we were sewing.  See his new recliner?  Just right for a rest between projects!


  1. Would you believe that I am teaching a workshop on two stranded double knitting to,or row at the Guild? Right now I'm taking a break from the knitting -- it's not difficult just tedious with all that yarn forward, yarn back and deciding which strand to knit with!

    I'm glad you're having such a great time with your mum. I love your tote!

  2. I know exactly how it feels, when you sit in front of the computer, wait for sound - and nothing happens! we had to go back to the shops to buy extra loudspeakers....but it worked out fine for you - I'm sure you'll find lots of use for the double-knitting! I made quite a few potholders with this and bought new cotton to make more... and I love the owl quilt, I wish I could sew that fast (no production line over here:).
    have fun in the new year!

    (from ireland, where bananas outside are out of the question:)

  3. love the new recliners and the knitting tote. sharon

  4. That is a perfect summary of you and Grandma together, foibles, persistence, conquering, and lots of laughs along the way! :)

    The knitting is very cool -- and the tote bag turned out beautifully. I think the chocolate pocket is a little on the small side, though...I'd need one twice that size! ;)

  5. I love that you and your mom can share times like these. They are precious for me to see.


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