Thursday, January 24, 2013

The First Annual Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Today really is the first Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day and so Mom and I went to the newly opened LaRue's Quilt Kottage in Crescent City.    After running a few other errands in town, we shared lunch back at Mom's house.  Then it was time to go to our sewing circle where we are making sleeping bags for the homeless.  It is a nice group of ladies and wonderful to share the afternoon with my mom.
 This is the double knitting head band that I finished!
 This is side one,
 and this is side two.  They are knit simultaneously without any slipped stitches.  A fascinating but thoughtful knitting technique.
 I cast on the first wrist warmer and that was a much quicker project
-on to number two tonight!


  1. Goodness, once you get those needles cranking, you sure make good time! The double-sided knitting is very pretty.

  2. Lovely headband! Is it a Ravelry pattern?

    I didn't know anything about Visit your LQS Day. I'm going to the chain store with DD tomorrow, they claim to have super bargains -- we'll see!

  3. Those look great. I think I like the dark blue background best, but to have a choice is good.

  4. I love the double sided knit head bands. Great colors.
    I'm also very impressed that you and your mom are making sleeping bags for the homeless. Good for you and the ladies of your group. I'm sure someone out there will appreciate them.

  5. I think once you get used to the technique it becomes much easier - eventually I found it to be just a matter of counting properly.... but isn't it too warm in you climate for doubled up headbands?

  6. That's great... making sleeping bags for the homeless. We have a lot of homeless people down here.


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