Friday, January 4, 2013

Two Good Things!

I loaded my knitting needles with the first sock of the year!  (Thanks, Sharon, it is some of your yarn!)
And my parents arrived for the winter!!!!  No, they didn't come in separate cars, my brother and sister-in-law drove them down to their place first and then both couples had their own cars tonight!
It is a long hard two-day drive but it is over now and they are going to fly home in the Spring which is a change for them but a good change which made for some lighted loads on the way down!
It is good to have your comfort zone tested!  Dad and Mom did great with the changes and rose to the occasion!


  1. Glad they all made it okay! Let the crafting begin. sharon

  2. Yippee! Can't wait to join the party. :)

  3. Sometimes people don't cope well with change. After two weeks away from home, my mother is headed in that direction right now and I think she'll be a lot happier tomorrow although she'll miss her great-grandsons!

    Enjoy the season with your parents close by.

  4. You're so lucky to have your parents close by for the winter. Enjoy.

  5. Nice to have all those generations together. I really miss my family.
    Happy new year & congrats on the new family member!

  6. I can see days of sewing and knitting coming on:) enjoy the time with your parents, it's nice to have them close for once...


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