Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday's Satisfactions

 First, I finished the Tutti Fruiti socks-they are definitely a smile on your feet!
 I quilted Mom's QuiltforKids......
I used a sunburst pantograph in gold.
 I pieced the block portion of my second quilt and we will get together to sew on the borders in a few days.

 Then I loaded my first quilt on the frame so I can quilt that in time to sew on the binding on our next sewing day!  I am good about getting my homework done on time .
 I also finished my bag of mending for a friend.  I make fast work of the odd assortment she collects for me.  I find it a good challenge to fix things-purse handles, to holes in clothes or toys that
need a stitch or patch.  How do you feel about mending?  Do you let it pile up or get right at it?

I also made a purse organizer for a friend's daughter who fell in love with her mom's!
 I ended my day with a batch of lemon juice for the freezer ( I put it in baggies measured for a 2 quart pitcher of lemonade.)
And some lemonade!  Now for my recliner and some entrelac knitting!

'Wait,' you say.   'You are retired, every day is like a Saturday to you!'   Well, it is definitely a mental jump of creativity on a Saturday when I can be home and spend it in the sewing room.  Give it a try!


  1. Lovely socks!

    i don't do mending any more!

    Please come and load a few quilts on my frame! ;-(

  2. I still do most of the housework on saturdays, even though I'd have time enough during the week:( and no lemonade for us - more like grog in our weather:) but I do like your socks, they look like spring! mending, hm... I mend my handknitted socks, usually immediately. not so good about mending other things, whenever the sewing machine is involved I tend to procrastinate:( bad habits....

  3. You know my answer to the mending pile question...because mine always piles up until you come to visit and conquer it all for me!!! :)

    It's almost time for me to come and do projects with you -- I can hardly wait!

  4. I envy you your retirement - you get to have so much fun being creative.


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