Monday, February 18, 2013


 We woke up to a nasty freeze-the kind that lasted ALL night.  Bad for flowers, bad for orange blossoms.  Bill ran the sprinklers all night to help some of the plants in the front yard.
 These will bounce back after a bit of a rest.  We are hoping this was our last freeze this winter.
 This morning, Marsel and I started right in on a re-upholstery job.  Since she hasn't done this on her own, she brought the chair to her Mom for a fun lesson!  We started the job in front of the fireplace!
 In the afternoon, we went to visit at my parents and had a rousing game of Spinners with everyone!  While playing we saw this flock out the window.  The bird bath is a favorite spot for Dad and Mom's feathered friends......the bird feeder is just to the left of this so they have a front row seat to their actions.  (Yes, this was frozen solid this morning, too!)
 After dinner, we finished our sewing project!  The chair is now ready to travel back to Georgia!
We did have to re-do one cushion which turned into a good object lesson for Marsel because part of every job is the skill of fixing mistakes!  Together, every job becomes an adventure.
I am ready for my recliner and some knitting.........


  1. Gee, you get ice and no snow - all the bad and none of the pretty stuff.

    Nice job on the chair - it looks like a completely different chair with the new fabric.

  2. I love the new chair cushions--I have a chair like that at home. I hope you got my note thanking you for my socks--I've had several --where did you get those--they are beautiful comments here. Sharon

  3. Thank you for leading the way on the adventure!

  4. I love the way you describe tasks as adventures and they certainly are when shared with loved ones! The chair looks very different now!


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