Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Color Therapy

 I am enjoying my newest entrelac project.  While it isn't the fastest knitting I have ever done, it is very pleasing.  Color does something healthy to your brain, attitude and outlook!
 Our yard is just exploding with color.  The azaleas are all out-yes, it is early but still beautiful!
 My Camellias are still in full bloom, too.  I don't remember that happening since we've been here.
 Our Poinsettias are still beautiful and the bee population are pleased with a visit.
 The Mexican Daisies are enjoying a rebloom-they will do this until the full heat of summer and then they will rest.
 The Dogwood is brilliant in the front yard.
Their blooms are at peak right now.
 The Koonti fern got hit hard last year but is making a good comeback now-see all its cones?
There are lots of blooms on all of my Camellias!  I do love the splash of red all over my yard!
I also have some Georgia Peaches in my house!  They have come for a long visit.
While the kids have classes, I do a bit of my usual puttering........I made this lake stone ankle bracelet for a friend's birthday.


  1. Not as slow as double knitting! BTW, I'm teaching using slipped sitting he's for texture this month!

    How long will the Georgia peaches be with you? I assume they're home-schooled?

  2. you have interesting peaches in your house:) and so many flowers - I am a bit envious of all the colour! to make the grey weather less tedious I started some very red yarn on the wheel - improves my mood enormously:)


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