Friday, February 22, 2013


... to our usually quiet lives are welcome.   I love a February filled with family!  We did a lot of this-hanging out and soaking up the sunshine and laughing.
 Well, most of us wanted to be in the sun!
 After my Georgia peaches left for home, we took a last day at the beach day with my sister and family.
 We saw a gopher turtle in the dunes......always fun to spot them.
 Bill and the girls went out farther than the rest of us but did make good use of the sand bar.
 We were some serious shell seekers.
 These monoliths were high and dry at low tide.  Usually they are out 50-75 feet from the shore on the Matanza River.  They looked inviting to me even if they are just some old bridge supports!
 The ocean was just a bit cool (65F) but just as alluring as always.
I found an unusual amount of sea glass, yippee!
Vanilla socks kept me busy in the car and in slow times of conversation!


  1. I love the bright cheery color of those socks! Happy socks.

  2. Our time with you was as lovely as always.

    I love all of the sea glass -- is that piece 2nd from top right a dark green?

  3. What a lovely walk along the beech. Considering we are experiencing freezing rain right now, that sunshine and sand looks especially inviting.

  4. I love sea glass--years ago there used to be lots of at at Lake Ontario. what do you do with it? sharon

  5. Sounds like you've been having some wonderful family times!


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