Saturday, February 9, 2013

Visiting Oz

 Bill and I went here to visit some of his co-workers who have also retired to our fair state.  They have three zip codes to cover this community of seniors which number around 90,000 .
 We had a great time touring this mini-city, really a self-contained amusement park for seniors!
 This is the man-made lake.
 There really is a fleet of golf carts-the whole community travels in these and they outnumber the cars.  I especially enjoyed the fancy ones!
 There are lots of re-purposed architectural details throughout the down town areas.  This is a lock that doesn't open but looks like it might.  The water wheel in the back does turn and looks great.
 This is an old railroad bridge that serves its new purpose beautifully!
 There are tons of restaurants and millions of choices so you don't ever have to cook.
 Each 'little' neighborhood has their own town center and central park for gathering each night for music and gabbing and people watching!
Here are the ex-NiMo workers!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place. Could never happen in Australia - our own city is only 189,000 people! Of course, our city is also part of the greater metropolitan area of Sydney - and therefore we are part of the population of 4.6 million! (Australia's largest city)

  2. How close is this to Deland? Did you like it?


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