Monday, March 25, 2013

A Different View

 It was just becoming dark when I took this picture; the sky was a brilliant blue all day without a single cloud and it is still evidenced even with the full moon!
 The Bottle Brush Tree is blooming-isn't this just an amazing flower?
 The Fringe Tree looks like it is glowing in the dark-the air around the tree is so sweet from the fragrance of all the blooms.  This is one of the trees that blooms first and then gets its leaves.
 See how they look up close; these are about 6" across .
 The driveway Azaleas are all abloom.
 Isn't the color here inspiring-a quilt, a dress, dyeing some yarn .......
This is the last Camellia the bushes have been in bloom for 5 months!


  1. Our miniature camellias are just coming into flower, the roses are having their autumn flush, I noticed the first leaves turning on the ornamental cherry -- and it's still hot (93°+) and humid! It doesn't feel like the end of the first month of autumn at all!

  2. I looked at your pix three times now - the only bit of spring colour we can find just now:) it's icy cold over here and even the daffs are trying to be smaller now in the cold wind:( and the two babies will make great pals when they're a bit older I think! good luck with the 4th time charm socks:)

  3. Ahhh, all of this color and implied warmth was just what I needed on this day that has been so cold and blustery (and snowy!) here in Georgia! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Love these pictures! I love it when the sky is dark and everything in front of it is bright and glowing

  5. My FIL loves camellia bushes. I may plant one this year in memory of him. I can never see one and not think of him.


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