Thursday, March 7, 2013


The guys started right in on the shed this morning, and moved to nailing the decking this afternoon.
 I hung up this curio cabinet we found when cleaning out that old portable garage.
 It is hanging in the sewing room over the antique sewing machine.  I filled it with little knick knacks that were out and about the house.
 Another unpacking find-an old clay plant hanger which I scrubbed, filled with new soil and a planted a baby bromeliad inside of it!
After lunch while them men worked, the ladies went to do the sleeping bag sewing.  After dinner, I sewed this bias challis scarf for Mom.  Now, I am headed to the recliner and some knitting!


  1. It's fun to see the curio cabinet in your Florida house since I remember it well from the parlor wall at the farmhouse! The planter is very cool, finds in the PG today. :)

    Scarf is pretty -- any particular reason to make it or 'just because'?

    Great progress on the shed!

  2. Another productive day, at the Casa de Delighted Hands!


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