Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 After bombing on the knit kits we tried to buy online (they were back ordered too far in the future) and not having the right fabric in my stash to finish Mom's wall hanging, we sat and did some knitting.  And Mom promptly ran into a snarl and had to rip out. again.  We laughed so hard!!!
The men built their support beams and then leveled them and started laying floor joists.

This evening we had dinner at our house and then games..........I am sorry to say the men beat us soundly; buy not silently.  They have no sense of humility!  What a perfectly delightful day.


  1. are you guys building a shed? and you've got progress to show on the blanket! maybe if the men use up their strength in the building work, they'll loose the next games?:)happy knitting!

  2. How nice for all of you to work on projects with a companion! I bet you and Grandma giggle more than the guys do, though. :)

  3. Sounds like you're still having a wonderful family time!


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