Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lending a Hand

The 'men' worked on the shed this morning.  David was thrilled to be working with his Grandpas.  (Getting to use a power tool sure helped, too, but he is a very good worker!)
Abigail helped with Ella; they had play time, talking time and just plain building the cousin-link time.
David enjoyed the Zero-turn mower and would have loved to fit it in their van to take home so he could mow all their lawn!
Mom finished the Easter sweater for Will.  Isn't it classy?!
Abigail likes the quieter pursuits......she is eating a cooked potato while sharing Nyki time.
Ella and my Dad were having a good conversation and shared a handshake........
Goodbye for now, sweet Ella.  I loved having you visit; you are such a sweet-natured baby!


  1. What a fun weekend you had with all of the grandchildren. And tell your mom that sweater for Will is going to make him look so good - so little boy. It'll make a great Easter sweater.

  2. I sigh and you know why! But I'm really happy for you!

  3. The double breasted little man sweater... too cute!


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