Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pleasure Takes Many Forms

 The quilting is done on Mom's wall hanging; we put the binding on and now she has the hand sewing homework ahead of her.
 It is covered with dragonflies!
 The men are making good progress on the shed!  The front wall has the big door so a bit slower on the construction but they will conquer it!
We had a lovely knitting day yesterday-so nice to have a day to knit and share our lives.  I am working on a little Easter sweater for Ella.
I am a Skype our weekly visits!  Aria's face just lights up when she sees me on the screen-hoping she will recognize me when they visit in June!!!!


  1. lovely quilt, very summery! I like the idea of using modern technology to have closer contact with the kids! it always took a while for my son to "warm up" again to his grandparents, when he was younger and only saw them once a year! happy knitting in the meantime!

  2. There is lots of love in every part of that post! Can't wait to come see the shed for myself and knit in the sunshine with you. <3

  3. I absolutely love the quilts you and your mom make. They are so pretty! The kids getting them must love them.

  4. Thank goodness for technology!


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