Monday, March 3, 2014

Stealing My Heart

 I finished the top of the beret and cast on the brim but that is as far as I got because it was too complicated for my end of the day brain power!
 I cast on a pair of socks instead-knit, round and round............why was I lacking brain power?
 We had Will for the weekend!  The first thing he wanted when he woke up was the tractor!
 He was cute and cuddly when he allowed me some play time in the house......
 when I wasn't standing by him as he did this!
 Oh, yes.   He does enjoy meal time and he wants to do it all himself!
 Yesterday after church it was warm and a good place to run off some boy-energy.  He loved to feel the water falling from the fountain.
 He would sit for seconds with Grandpa but
much preferred to be in motion.  He was impressed with Grandpa's bubble blowing talents!

When his parents came to pick him up, guess who took naps?


  1. What an awesome post! I love how you captured the feel of your time with him. He is looking like such a big boy...sigh!

  2. So wonderful for you to have a grandson so close. Yes, they are exhausting but they grow up far too quickly and we must snatch what time we can!

  3. I can't believe how much he has grown! they're a handful at that age, but sooo cute:) and I like the sock colours - they're my staple too, when the mind's gone....

  4. Somebody's got some big blue eyes! Cute!

  5. Yes, but these days pass all too quickly. My brother's youngest are 17, now, and I still think of them as they were when they were Will's age. Time flies!

  6. You have beautiful grands.


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