Friday, February 28, 2014

February Photo Challenge

This month's challenge in the architectural theme is stairs.   I live in a single story home! Except for a few steps out on the front porch, I don't have too much of an altitude change!

  I know that I am a home body and that the traveling bug has expired within me but I didn't realize how much so until I realized that every subject for this photography challenge, unlike the last one, cannot be fulfilled by taking shots of things in my house or yard.  This morning when I was telling Mom how another whole month has passed and I didn't get out once for a photo, she said, 'Come on!  We're going on an adventure!'   I grabbed the camera and we took off in the car to find stairs!  This month's challenge.
These are the steps that lead to Mom and Dad's winter home.
These back steps are where I would sit in the Spring when we would leave the northern snow to visit Bill's parents and my kids all played on these steps, too, to soak up some sunshine!
On to the little town nearby!   This church has some real stairs even if they don't climb very high!
 The town center has this gazebo with a few more steps!
Arranged in front of the gazebo, where local talent strums for the crowd, there are several sets of risers which are another form of steps!
 Across from the park is a beautiful home with a few steps up to the front door, which is a pretty common type of home.
 A few of the older homes have an outside stairway leading to an apartment.
One of our restaurants has this set of stairs for coming down from the eating area to walk out onto the pier.
When we arrived back to my house, I remembered I had another set of steps that I enjoy daily-the steps to my pool patio!
And the favorite set of stairs lead right into the pool!  I am grateful for a loving parent's encouragement still so I could participate in this challenge in the right spirit!  Thanks!


  1. What fun!

    Your pool steps definitely take the blue ribbon. :)

  2. Thanks, Cindy's Mom! That was a fun read.

  3. stairs would be no problem here, plenty of stairs, ladders etc. in the house - and the garden! but none as inviting as your steps into the pool:) you could always take a pic of decreases in knitting though - if you worked them in steps:) nice to go on an unexpected trip though, sounds like fun!
    enjoy the spring feeling - I am sure it'll come to us soon as well.

  4. What a great mom you have! It's March already, and I still have to post my stairs. I'll get right on it. Really.

  5. I bet I know where the restaurant is... the one in Crescent City on the lake by the B&B?


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