Friday, February 21, 2014

Grand Finale Visit!

 Wednesday still had a few of us out of commission with the stomach bug but several were brave enough to take a swim in the 74F pool!  ( I must say, it is nice to not fall victim to this virus for a change!)
Thursday, the majority of us headed to the beach!  I am happily knitting!  The wind was a bit nippy when we first arrived!
 The kids knew how to have fun without any encouragement on our part!
 They both have so much imagination!   I love it!
 They had good helpers in their Aunt and Uncle!
 I think this was one of their favorite beach activities, though.  David wants to bring more crackers for next time!
 On the way home, we stopped at the vegetable stand.  We even bought some strawberries for shortcake.......yum!
I finished the Shetland yarn mitts for Marsel!  They are so much lighter than the Cormo yarn I used for the last pair.   I must say, it is a good knit!

Bruce, Marsel and kids left for home this morning.......I need some knit therapy to console me.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful already feels like a long time ago! Lots of love to you...

  2. Strawberries??? In February??? I have to wait until June to get them. You lucky people.

    So glad everyone is feeling better.

  3. Too bad everyone couldn't go to the beach. There is something in ocean air that is very healing. But when you have the stomach bug, you must stay "close to home"

  4. Sounds likrpe you had some lovely times, except for the "tummy bug" spoiling the fun.


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