Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring is Beginning!

A few years ago, Marsel and family gave me this King Orchid for Mother's Day.   It has blossomed once but this Spring, it is going to out-do itself!   There are five stems of buds!
 They slowly begin to split.
 And then there is a spectacular bloom!   I am so excited to see them!
 Yesterday, I finally made a batch of soap with Mom!  This one is Oatmeal, Honey and Peppermint!
 This morning I sliced them and now they will set out to cure for a few weeks!  Then I will trim and label them and they will be ready for use or sale, whichever comes first!
 Mom and I started a new project together-this is the top of a beret.   More to follow...
 I divided for the body of the sweater.   It is always a big step to get off those shoulders and onto the shorter rows of the body when working a top down sweater!
This morning I had fun using up the last of the curtain fabric to make some matching pillows in the family room.   I have been meaning to do this for a few years!


  1. Beautiful orchid! My little ones in the oak tree just bloomed this morning. You are the fastest knitter I've ever seen!

  2. The flowers are so pretty!

    It makes me happy to see you getting back to your usual busyness. :)

    Love the pillows -- what a fun punch of color on the couches!

  3. WM grows orchids so I'm sure he'd be impressed.

    I was given what I think was oatmeal soap for Christmas. It was so scratchy, I immediately cleaned it up and put it in the op shop (charity store) box!

    Nice right cushions to go on the lounge! (Or are they pillows on a sofa?)

  4. I love the cattelaya type of orchids. How beautiful


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