Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympian Knitting

It is a fun challenge to set a goal and push yourself to knit it (or spin it or whatever...) during the Olympics.   Lots of knitters/spinners join Ravelry for a good competition during this time.  I didin't join in this time but I did set a personal goal and have a pile of projects to keep me knitting in overtime!   This is the Downton Hat.  I made good progress on it yesterday and am ready to begin the brim in the contrast color today!
Bill and Dad did some maintenance on the nails on the roof-covering them in silicone to prevent leaks.  A new roof in in the future!
 This is why the yellow house is also called the "train house!"  The trains go zipping by about 100 feet from the side of the house!  Woo, woo!


  1. That explains it! Does the rumbling shake the building?

  2. I hear the train house calling me!!!

    Love the hat. Is that brown and rose?

  3. I thought about knitting the olympics - but I have too many things on the needles, no need to start anything new:) and builders and silicone - how did they do it before it came on the market? when I go into the new shed I am greeted by its scent - we used it from the inside:)
    happy knitting!

  4. Oh wow, 100 feet from the house?! Our house is sandwiched between the commuter line and the freight line but only distant woo woo! LOL! Love the Downton hat and love Downton :)

  5. I briefly considered joining the knitting fun but I still have way too much going on!


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