Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Week

 The driveway is just alive with color-the azaleas are still brightening the yard!
 This Kalanchoe Flapjack has recovered from last year's frosts and has grown to a mature size of 8".
 Mom and I harvested the loofah-you have to peel all the skin off and then save the seeds!
 We got a bushel basket full!  (The plastic baggie holds the seeds!)
 The Fringe tree is putting out her flowers-it is officially Spring!
 The Dogwood only had a few blossoms this year-way at the top!
 I knit a pair of wrist warmers out of some alpaca-several more pairs to come as they really keep my hands comfortable!
 Bill and Dad finished the shed!   They painted the floor yesterday.   They have to wait for it to try before they can move in the 'stuff'.  Bill will be painting the outside sheet metal to match the house later on but it will be finished soon!
 The roses are liking the sunshine and warmer temperatures, too.   Here is this season's first bloom.
Blooming on the needles is a Craftsy project-a pair of EvergreenLakeMittens.  I know I won't be needing these mittens here but I thought I would mail them to my sister for Easter....


  1. Lots of nice things in this post! Exciting to see the shed looking so close to done...always nice to see what's blooming at your house (I miss my roses still, but I am glad they are so much happier at your house than they were here!)...the loofah-ing looks like a messy job! Is the shucking rough on your hands or does it just look that way?

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love the mitten. Looks like a lot of fun to knit.

  3. Spring is really busting out all over where you are. Lucky you! Love those mittens. That is a pretty pattern.

  4. wow, first rose blooms in march? we won't see any at least until mid or end of may! the mittens look very odd together with all the spring/flower pix:)
    and the loofah job looks messy - good thing that you can do it on a veranda....

  5. Six months later and our azaleas are just starting to bud!

    Hope your sister liked the mittens; they're very colourful.


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