Saturday, June 21, 2014

Smell, Touch, Feel

 I made a new batch of soap-everyone in the family is enamored of the peppermint oatmeal soap.  I will be experimenting with a few additional scents over the next week , though!
I sliced up the four pound loaf 24 hours later-the whole sewing room smells deliciously of peppermint!
 When movement is impossible, I draw ideas........they will come about someday!
 I collect fabric and pattern and pile them up for a good day...
 I sit in my recliner and knit when I can't move around.   My hands hurt, but I can push through an hour of knitting at a time!  I'm calling it physical therapy!
 Bill is trying an experiment of a  different sort-there is a disease that palm trees get where their trunk rots away a bit at a time at the base.   Bill has decided to try and see if he can inhibit the progress.   First he painted the tree trunk a bit below ground level.
And then he painted it with tar to seal the base.  We will pull the dirt back and plant some flowers around it when it dries and hope we can save the tree for years and years.
 Cassandra brought me a yard pretty!  I hung it in the big live oak you see coming up the driveway.
 We will see if that pesky wren decides to move in!
 The sock is taking shape-I turned the heel and am working up the leg.
 I made progress on the quilting frame, too.
 In fact, this morning I put the last stitches on and took it off the frame!  I will be mailing out the quilt top on Monday!


  1. Accomplishments made even more satisfying considering the physical odds that had to be overcome...


  2. Soap,too? Goodness. What don't you do?
    I do the same thing with my patterns and I've got quite a pile waiting for attention.

  3. hm, that brown soap looks like toffee:) and it looks like there's a new summer dress for Ella in the making? pretty, pretty... pity about the palms, I hope the treatment works! we nearly lost the big agave on front of the cottage in the 2 hard winters, but it sprouted back from the bottom. it'll take a few years to grow back - and I hope we won't have another very cold winter too soon!
    still no news on the dr. front? I had hoped that they might help you improve with the pain somehow:( 107

  4. O what a happy quilt!!

    You could cure your soap in amongst your wool since moths hate peppermint and get a double use out of it before you pack it all up for sale. :)

  5. I can smell you soap from here!!

  6. So many wonderful projects -- I'm finding it hard to believe you have slowed down; but then, I am reading months in hours!


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