Monday, June 16, 2014

It's a Wrap

 New on the needles...another garter stitch project, a cardigan from this month's issue of Interweave's Knits.  (Yes, this is from the Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn I ripped out the last sweater I made from this and hope this one does better-so far, I am enjoying it!)  Since my knitting stamina is cut in half, I do not want to waste my energy on something I do not LOVE doing!)
 This one-it is top down........the bottom is fancier and I will show you when I get that far.
 I finished piecing the last two rows and got them attached.   Now I have to figure out how I am going to work the edges-borders?  I want to border it but there isn't any fabric in the stash to do this so I will let it sit as I think about it.
 I worked a piece of glass fusing........while this looks interesting, it is really garbage because each of the bits are supposed to be colored brightly but I cooked it too long obviously, and the color cooked off the dichroic glass.  Remember this is still a learning curve.
 These rainbows turned out fun-They are made by stacking pieces on their edges and melting them together.
 This Hibiscus bush survived the winter and produced a very large blossom!
 This view gives a better idea of the color.
 This is a chocolate bromeliad!  I wonder why I bought this one........?
 I have some white Yarrow in bloom.  In fact, the Yarrow has reseeded itself and it is coming up all over this area!
 It is a very pretty fern-y looking plant.  Does anyone know what part you use for an herbal tea?
 I did some serious pruning to the pencil cactus in the center of this garden and now all the other succulents have a better view of the world and me , them!
 The Desert Rose is glow in the dark beautiful!  So glad it has fully bounced back from the frost damage!
This plant stands about four feet high and the same wide-it is a show stopper!  Even if a bit of a litter bug!


  1. Chocolate Bromeliad... Because it had the word "chocolate" in it? :)

    Right now, the only thing we have in bloom at my place is the Weigela so it is so nice to see all of your flowers.

  2. the hibiscus blossom is beautiful! unfortunately my small inside plant didn't survive here:( and I have yarrow all over the place, it self-seeds easily. you can use the young leaves in salads and it has many med. properties. you can also dye with it (yellow), but the scent of the dyebath isn't exactly... nice:)

  3. That hibiscus reminds me of the time we had two giant iguanas as pets. I grew hibiscus to feed them. Son number two had a thing for reptiles since he was allergic to everything else. I must have been crazy.
    Love that cardigan so far. That's definitely something I would wear and wear.

  4. The desert rose is absolutely gorgeous. It's rather bonsai-ish even!

    The cardigan looks very promising...that yarn looks like it will drape nicely.

  5. Your flowers are so pretty. I bet you enjoy every one of them.
    I love the rainbow glass. What are you going to do with it?

  6. I have my first pencil cactus, given me by a friend. Should it be in full sun?? Im afraid its in too much shade

  7. Lovely garden photos. I think I will post about our garden in the middle of next month -- when we celebrate our half-anniversary of being here!


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