Saturday, June 14, 2014

Together Projects

The girls let loose with more tie dyeing this weekend!
 Some for the kids...
And some for the big kids!
This is a Pinterest inspired tank-pretty cool, huh?!
The guys did more of this and the water was warm enough for their wives to join them this time!
I stayed in the peanut gallery with the camera!
Will took his job of waterer very his tractor,
giving Grandpa a drink and
he even figured out how to give Ella a drink-well, occasionally!
Family time......
Trying to hold onto water is an interesting activity!
This is our little model...she is so funny in front of the camera!
The kids were yelling at us about something out the window but we were all talking and didn't clue in....until Will yelled, 'Bird!'  and we saw the Sandhill Crane out front-yes, it was yell-worthy, Will!
Ella very sweetly agreed to model her new dress before she had to head home-she didn't want to take it off -I'm glad she likes to dress up!


  1. Everything in your post just screams "Summer!!" Ella is a lovely little model. It's more fund to make something or someone who appreciates it. right?

  2. Lots of fun stuff in this post! The picture of Will "sharing" his hose water with Ella is a riot...they will laugh over that one someday. :)

    The dress/hat is even more adorable on her than it already looked in the previous picture.

  3. Thank you for the pictures of the kids-big and small. I have been having great grandparent withdrawal! How they grow! Love, Mom

  4. As they grow, they become more like their grandfather! I guess that means they look like their dads!


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