Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Face!

I brought along a new pair of socks for the two hour ride to see Ella today.
 We delivered this kitchen area that was given to us!  The men had a bit of work first...
and it was a tight squeeze in 97* weather 
but they got her little house put in also! 
What a great treat to see Ella squeal with delight! She tried all the doors, windows and shutters and her own doorbell!  We put some dishes in for her and she immediately set to play.
In fact, we had a very hard time convincing her to take a walk to the beach for a swim!
 But since Grandma and Grandpa were going, she decided to come also!  Grandpa took her out for a swim........Grandma watched from shore!
It was low tide, so it was very roomy at the shoreline even for a Saturday!
Caleb even showed me what to look for to find a shark's tooth.  They find them every time now-this one is tiny(3/8") but it still stands out as a tooth!


  1. What fun -- and Ella looks so very pleased with her new hangouts! Hopefully they will translate into many hours of contented play for her...and many hours of downtime for her mama!

  2. That brings back fond memories of my daughter's playhouse. Hers was not so fancy but it was well loved and we had fun making it.
    Here on the bay we collect buckets of shark's teeth which strikes me as odd because I don't think sharks live in the brackish water. Not now anyway. I guess they did millions of years ago which is fine by me. I wouldn't want to meet one anytime soon!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful visit with Ella! Love your new sock!

  4. your new sock looks like sunset colours:) and I am sure Ella will love her house/kitchen to bits - I remember my nieces in theirs; they played with it endlessly - and we had to "taste" all the sand cakes they made inside:) though they didn't have such a fabulous beach to play on....

  5. Seeing those pictures for Ella's new play stuff makes me wish I was a kid again. What fun!!

  6. aww, nothing like a kitchen for a kid!!
    Watch out for the sharks..too

  7. Awww... I miss those days when my girls were little and would get so excited over new toys. Are your kids up in Fernandina?

  8. She looks excited! My Older Grandson would love the kitchen; he loves cooking -- real and pretend!


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