Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spinning and Sewing

It was so relaxing to ply the Shetland I have been spinning lately.   It is such a nice fiber to work with because it feels good in your hands and turns out such a nice stable yarn when you are done!
 The dyeing I did gave it just the subtlety I was hoping for.
 I now have a nice skein of fingering weight yarn for a shawl!  (320 yards)
 Isn't it just the right ripe Avocado color to knit into an accessory?!
 I also made the second dragonfly for my table runner.  It definitely went better with the second one but they are time consuming.   Yes, I ran out of the background fabric but blended the plain blue in the second block.
I rewarded myself with some incentive from the M & M's-they have the crispy ones back on the shelves!  (  I printed the second block with the 'fit' mode instead of the 'actual size' mode and it is slightly smaller then the first one!  Note to self-check out the pattern pieces before you begin sewing with them!!!!)  I will be able to hide the discrepancy in the seam allowance after a bit of strategic trimming!  I have been doing this long enough to know how to cover such minor problems!


  1. The Shetland is glorious! I can't wait to see the runner finished. How perfect will that be for a summer table.

  2. Gorgeous yarn! And the dragonflies turned out great...they were a good challenge for us!

  3. The yarn looks great! The M&M's look great too :-D

  4. the dragonflies look very nice (though too complicated for me:) - and I love the yarn! aubusson colours? happy knitting!


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