Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weekend Bonus

 A happy surprise in two of my favorite color combinations!
 I saw the pattern for these hearts on FB and knew just what to do with it for a friend's birthday!
 Hmmm, may I suggest you try a recipe for English Muffin bread loafs.
 I finished a ribbed hat for David.  This is just the color of his eyes...
 Caleb is sick with the flu but he brought his family to stay with us this Saturday-Ella puts on her crown and keeps it on the whole time!
 The little prince is a very benevolent ruler!
 We had a campfire to take off the chill.   Good stories and laughs abound...
Yes, it is so good to fill my arms with this bundle!  (he has a pink back-up blanket because he ruined three in the night and they were in the laundry!)


  1. What a sweet family you have.

    Does it feel like it was just yesterday you were holding his father like that?

  2. Oooo ruined blankies... I remember those


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