Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Bonus-Family Abounds!

 Late Sunday night....while some of us had a hard time waiting for cousins...
Marsel and kids rolled in just in time for bed!
Not a happy occurrence after such a long trip!
but a rendition of Let it Go helps!
 Monday morning we took a drive to the beach!   It was very brisk and invigorating!
 The colors look good for a skein of yarn!
 Abigail was the first one in~
 Some of us stayed farther away!
 The waves were spectacular!
 But so were the dune huddles!
 We ended up going up by the cars in the parking lot where there was some protection from the wind-it was a LOT warmer!  Ella had fun with her little pile of sand!
 Kids find fun anywhere!
 We actually warmed up in the sun for a bit!
 Abigail had fun feeding the gulls even if it was a bit intimidating!
Alicia and David enjoyed tossing the football!
 I finished Ella's socks on the drive home.
She put them right one-she had been watching me knit so I would go faster!


  1. looks like you're having great fun with the family there! good thing that Ella's feet are still small:)

  2. We are snowed in today so seeing your beach photos was just what I needed!

  3. See you all wearing hoodies made it look cold there. How long did Abigail stay in the water?


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