Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pool Time

 It was warm and sunny early on Saturday and they kids wanted in the pool.  So we spent most of the day there!                                    
 It didn't take Will or Ella long to get used to the pool, 'swimming' and jumping into their dads arms!   It was wonderful to watch!
 The water was 89* and the air just a degree warmer.
 It was a wonderful way to rest after the exertion of the day at the zoo!
 Caleb even introduced Eli to the pool;  the water was so warm, he just eased right in without a start.
 He kicked and stretched...
 and totally relaxed, giving his Dad a smile of contentment!
  Grandpa did some pool duty, too!
 This is what Will likes best at the moment-train time!  (I didn't get a picture of him at the zoo riding the train-it was by far his best memory, just ask him!)
 A perfect sunset on a perfect day........

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  1. what a great day of family sharing, in the pool and out!


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