Friday, March 13, 2015

Zoo Trip

 The whole crew and then some met at the zoo today in Jacksonville!
 The kids ran miles of fun but loved the rocks to climb on and jump from!
When they would get to over-heated, the moms put them in the strollers with snacks.
 It would help them recharge and gave us a chase break, too!  :')
 Until and uncle would get them wound up again!
 This beauty cruised the snack area cleaning up and asking for treats!
 Eli slept through most of the afternoon!
 I enjoyed the plants, trees and flowers as much as I enjoyed the animals and birds!   It was a feast for the eyes!
 I think the favorite for these two was the otters.
 They wanted us to stay and watch them play/fight and splash.  It was fun to see the animals from the kids point of view!
 Will was impressed with their swim finesse!
 Ella liked the giraffes.  (I love how she crosses her ankles!)  It was very warm so we took a lot of breaks for water and shade.  It is organized great to give you a good variety of open and shaded spaces!
 Great Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed some Eli time when he woke up!
 I liked the monkeys compound-they ran and played tag forever!
 Kind of like two other monkeys I love to watch!
 As we were all winding down, I did get Will and Ella to hold still (sort of) for this final picture!
Yes, it was time for everyone to have some siesta time!  Today was memorable!


  1. What fun! My girls and guys just went to the Jax and loved it. The little ones are so cute!

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the zoo!


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