Tuesday, March 31, 2015


 Today, we took Dad and Mom to the airport to fly back to NY until next winter.   It sure does feel like the last few months just whizzed by us.  We ran a few errands after dropping them off but when we got home, I finished quilting this to get it off the frame finally!  I pushed myself to sew the binding on, too.   It is ready for the table....except
 someone already claimed it as a cat mat instead of a table runner!
 He settled in for a good rest staring out the sliding glass door at the sandhill cranes.
 As soon as he moved, I sticky rollered it so I could put it on the table!  The paper pieced dragonflies table runner is appropriate because our dragon flies have arrived!   It is such an exciting sign of warm weather to see them buzzing in the yard again!  The daytime temp was 90F today, the same temperature as the pool water;  just perfect to take some water therapy to soak the sad away.


  1. Sorry your folks left, but it looks like you put your sad to good use. Your table runner is gorgeous.

  2. You beat me! (not a surprise!) It looks beautiful.

    Sorry about the goodbyes...they stink. :( xoxo

  3. I love dragonflies - and your new runner of course! I think it's catapproved now... pity that your parents have left, but spring and summer are going to fly by and soon they'll be back again for another winter I am sure...

  4. LOL! Cats... ya gotta love 'em.
    That table runner is gorgeous!

  5. Cats are very good at claiming want doesn't belong to them! Your finished table runner looks lovely.


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