Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Visit and a New Week

Will came to visit for a few days...he did bring his parents, too!
We spent a lot of time in the pool.  I swear he is growing gills! 
Well, if he wasn't in the pool, he was with his trains.  He calls this one the 'Ella' train because he lets her play with it when they are both here-he always gets the big one.  He is older by two weeks.  Life has rules. 
I finished the quilt for Millie.  It is always so good to get a quilt done! 
It is going to make her daughter happy to have it closer to done! ( It just needs it's binding now.)
The close meander is perfect for this quilt but it did take a LOT of thread-a bobbin a row! 
I didn't let the frame get cold, I loaded the quilt Mom made this winter and started quilting it!
(I am quilting it with a nice open daisy panto;  very subtle and demure and did I say open...?)  
We are in the rainy season now, and we certainly need it.  Today we had several storms that blew through and left us with several inches.  Wonderful.
Then we had hail-it is the first we have had since we moved here eight years ago!  We were running from window to window to look at it.  I wanted to go out but the thunder and lightening were right overhead and since Florida is the lightening capitol of the world, I didn't want to push it! 
I have a new sewing project all prepped-new cushions for my old wicker furniture.
I will get the cushions made and a few repairs done to the set and then Bill is going to paint the two chairs and sofa.  But more on that later. 
In the meantime, I am knitting away....stitch by stitch.  The new baby hasn't arrived yet so it is a race once again!


  1. You have been busy, busy! The quilts are beautiful.

    We had crazy lightning here tonight. Beautiful to watch from the safety of being inside.

  2. We have had our share of storms here too lately. I'm hoping it's not one of those years where I spend more time hiding in the basement than upstairs.
    Those quilts are amazing. I've got a stack to be worked on. It's time I reclaim the sewing room for myself. It's a mess. I've also got baby quilt material on the way-not to mention the baby. Grand number two should be here in a couple more weeks.

  3. Lots of fun projects in the works...and family thrown in the mix, too...a happy blend! :)

  4. The quilts are beautiful! I'm so glad it rained up there. I was worried about my plants especially the new bromeliads I planted

  5. That boy is adorable!!!!!!
    I'd watch him all day and smile.
    Your quilts are just lovely and your entrelac colors are joyful

  6. Wow, "life has rules" haha! too cute! Looks like some good times are happening at your homestead with your water boy. The quilts are absolutely beautiful and the colors on that blanket are amazing.


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