Saturday, June 13, 2015

As the Week Closes

Friday morning I painted my ceramic yarn bowl...I had so much fun!  I used the Folk Art brand of acrylic paint, it is the enamel type so that it dries in 24 hours to a very hard finish that looks like it has been fired.  Just right for this project! 
In the afternoon, we went to Orange Park to visit so the guys could go play golf for Bill's birthday.  (It is next week.)  We girls had  great gab and thoroughly enjoyed the cousins.  I didn't get a pic of Eli....bad grandma!  Trust me, he was sweet as usual. 
This morning, I got right to work on the creative things in my head that needed doing!  
 I wanted to do the rainbow roving like we did in Georgia.  It was so satisfying.  I load up the jars with the roving divided into sixths.
Note to self, put the jars into the canner before loading them up with fiber!  After a few interesting starts, I did get them loaded and into the oven for 25 minutes so the dye would be fully exhausted. 
I rinsed it out and there was no dye in the rinse water!  Lovely not to have any bleeding when you have a multi-colored yarn in the making.
I dyed some more of the Lopi it is a beautiful denim blue!
It was a beautiful day without a chance of rain so the roving and yarn went out to dry! 
Bill was outside working on storm damage clean-up.  He not only picked up all the branches, he also mowed and it sure looks nice again! 
And he is working to make several of the palm tree bases into a beautiful oasis!   
Back inside, I decided to try this pattern for my Seattle grand daughter.  It went so well, I plan to make them for all of my sweeties and a few more girls besides! 
I made a few size changes so that I could make one for Aria's new yet-to-arrive sister, too.
This pattern has tons of possibilities and an easy to follow formula to make them for a variety of kid ages.          
The fiber was dry in no time and it went into the pile of future projects! 
I did some quilting next.  I wanted to get the quilt done enough so that the quilt top and batting no longer hung on the floor. 
Yes, mission accomplished! 
And I finally finished organizing all the 'stuff' I store under the quilting frame.  I even labeled the drawers and it looks and works so much more efficiently now!
Time to knit some entrelac!


  1. I love your new yarn bowl!

    I'll have to see if our do-it-yourself pottery place has yarn bowls. It would be fun to do one of my own.

  2. So was that roving in actual sixths or in creative-license type sixths like we had at my house? Lol! :)

    Great accomplishments! The yarn bowl is beautiful. Glad it turned out like you envisioned.

  3. Isn't it nice to have freshly dyed things drying in the sun? The roving is beautiful. So is the yarn bowl....and the quilt...and the skirts. My you have been busy!

  4. Oh, that roving is to die for! And the denim blue Lopi will be awesome. You inspire me.

  5. That yarn bowl isn't fired? Love the quilt on the frame... pinwheels another one of my favorite blocks

  6. The yarn bowl is great! I also love the colors of you roving. Can't wait to see them spun up.


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