Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting to know you.......

We visit this tree of the best fruit I have ever had every few hours. 
To correct my earlier naming, this is actually called a Rainier Cherry.  By any other name, it would still be the best fruit I have ever eaten........kind of like a nectarine but small!
I made the double knit wash cloth for Aria.  Finally!  Something she liked from me!   
I keep trying to take a picture of her, she keeps avoiding me saying, "No, thanks!" 
She is a good eater so at the table, she is at least contained for me and the camera.
See, she is wearing the headband as long as it isn't worn as a headband.
I do like a woman who knows her mind! 
Did you notice she is also wearing her favorite outfit?  As long as we stay home, it is tolerated by her parents.
We had a ton of fun decorating the driveway with stories and drawings.
And Aria bursts into song when the mood strikes.  
Did I mention that I am loving being here and getting to know her. 
And Mila..........I am trying to memorize every part of her.
The guys did this today!   
They saw this guy on the golf course.  They also saw a mom and fawn but didn't get the pic of them. 
How's this for scenery?  It is an amazing backdrop, heh?! 
Yes, it is a beautiful Mt. Rainier....and did I mention that your cherries are the best fruit I have every tasted?!


  1. I love cherries. I have never had that particular kind but they look delish.
    Aria reminds me of Daughter. I could never get her to wear clothes either. Now she has an entire room full of designer duds. Go figure.

  2. Wow ...Aria has LONG hair for such a little girl. The headband is adorable that way.

  3. Aria is so pretty! and I think running around with as few clothes on as possible during nice weather is great for kids, a kind of freedom they'll loose soon enough? I never heard about those cherries, but I read this in wiki: rainier cherries are very sensitive to temperature, wind, and rain - which explains why they would never grow over here:) I do love cherries, maybe esp. because they are hard to find and even harder to grow over here? enjoy them while you can!


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