Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blow and Glow

I had the foam all cut to size, now for the cushion fabric pieces to be measured and cut out. 
We did some yard work, branches are downed everywhere because of the rain and wind. 
The boat nook is history!  The storm that brought hail yesterday also took this somersaulting across the yard.  (The boat was not damaged-it was parked by the garage for repairs!)
When I was too warm from being outside, I came back in to work on the cushions.  I did all the machine sewing and then hunkered down for the hand work to sew the openings closed.  They look so new, fresh and modern now! 
Next, I had to tackle the repairs on the wicker chairs.  I got to thinking that this set was a surprise for me when we bought our farm house in NY in 1988.  I would say I have enjoyed these seats for a long time and when I briefly thought about replacing them, the cost of new ones chased that thought right out of my head! 
The legs were coming unwrapped so I devised a plan to save them.
The trim was pulled away from the frame.  It's all fixable. 
Goodbye old sun-faded cushions that no longer cushion! 
As we just finished up grilling dinner, a powerful storm blew through and cracked the limb on the Laurel Oak in the front yard.  It came down and took our power line to the house with it! 
We took a golf cart ride after I called our power company to report the outage, to survey damage.  Ed and Millie had power but also had a downed branch. 
While we waited for the power to be restored, I opened the front door for light and kept on working.  There was still rain and a bit of rumble so I wanted to work inside! 
The work progressed very well;  I used glue and jute cord to rewrap all the legs and did the necessary nailing to reattach trim and even rewove some of the wicker.  It shaped up nicely!  (I moved outside as I lost light indoors and the storm had moved on by then!) 
The work was so gratifying but the story doesn't end here! 
 More on this on Saturday........
The men showed up and assessed the damage.  Bill got permission to cut down some more branches while they had the power line out of the way. 
The power was back on and the tree clean-up is on Bill's to-do list for tomorrow;  we ran out of daylight!


  1. Whoa...that was quite a storm! At least you kept busy. I would have been hiding in the closet.

  2. Oh boy... glad we're coming up this weekend. We have a couple of laurel oaks in our yard too. I guess I know what Jerry will be doing Saturday, lol! The cushions look great!

  3. Sounds like you have quite a wild ride with the weather! Hope that's all for now.

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  5. Well, that was a post full of adventures!

    The news cushions are that fabric.


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