Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015 Preparation

I am getting my fiber lined up for this year's spinning marathon to echo the scheduling of the Tour de France.  I am totally disinterested in sports but I do like the 'sport' of textile and this is a fun competition!
I have been collecting my rovings and I pulled out this fleece I bought last year and got it ready for washing. 
It goes into the tub of hot, sudsy water....twice. 
After two rinses, I have a very creamy soft pile of Florida Gulf Native fiber! 
After I spin it out in the washer, I lay it out on the old sliding glass door screen to dry!  The cats only knocked the screen down twice-not bad!
While I was waiting for the fleece to soak or rinse or dry, I dyed some more superwash roving. 
It is in shades of grey to black.  The 'race' begins on Saturday.  

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  1. Too funny about the cats. I dry my fleece the same way in the sun but on several small window screens. One day I propped one up on the top rail of our very high deck and later on I found it all on the ground underneath the deck. I was worried one of the cats had jumped on it and fell. They all seem okay so if they did, they really do have nine lives!


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