Friday, July 24, 2015

TDF 2015 Day 19 and Order

I plied the last of the Florida Gulf Native Sheep fiber.  I have another 292 yards of two ply yarn in fingering weight.
The fiber is a good medium wool but softer than most.
There was quite a bit of vegetable matter in the fiber and I looked a blizzard of bits of chaff as I spun it but I expect the rest to wash out when I set the twist with a good bath! 
I had run out of yarn for this pair of socks;  well, it came and I whipped through to the sewn picot hem and cast on the second one!  It is so good to have socks on the needles again!


  1. I spent the afternoon cleaning up under the wheels. What a mess. Hay and fluff everywhere.
    That Gulf Coast is beautiful. It's a very pretty color. I still haven't knit anything with the Gulf Coast I spun last Tour. I need to go dig it out and give it a good swatching to see what it wants to be;

    1. I put a sticky clothes roller by my seat so I could stop t h e spread of chaff! It was worth it; the yarn is great!

  2. Nice looking sock! :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  3. That yarn is pretty; it has more of a luster to it than I would expect to see in a picture of a wool yarn. Lovely.

    Happy socks! I am itching to get back to mine -- hopefully with school starting again I will get knitting done during seatwork times!

    1. I'm glad the yarn is softer than I'd expected! I can hear your blue sock calling you from here!


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