Saturday, July 11, 2015

TDF 2015 Day Eight and Studio Lovelies

I started out the day with some studio projects;
  I had success with the two little sundresses for the grand daughters.  I use the Gathered Top pattern from Purl Bee and just extended the length for  dress and added three more rows of elastic to the bodice.  I'm pleased with the results. 
I also conquered this dress;  the lines are classic but it takes a lot of steps to get to such simple elegance!  
I added another connecting block to the RSC 2015 and now it is starting to look like the plan will work.  I am getting the hang of the color placement now.  The block is easy, figuring out the colors that belong to each neighboring block takes a bit of planning!
Tonight I have spun one half of this Cormo top.  It is all I have to give tonight!


  1. Love the dress! That's a fun pattern for the classic style. I'd wear it everyday!

  2. Beautiful dresses and quilt blocks. Love the colors of the roving. You've had a very productive day!

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  4. Woohoo! Can't wait to wear my new dress! Thanks, Mom. :) <3


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