Monday, July 20, 2015

TDF 2015 Day Fourteen and Fifteen & Connected!

I worked for hours today to figure out the scraps of little connecting blocks!  I finally feel like I have a handle on this layout! 
I also worked on Mom's quilting;  it is getting near the finish line!   
There is nothing like  box to make the kitties happy.  They hide like this and then explode out of the box to pounce on the unsuspecting passer-by!  The box has been there or a week and they are still enjoying it so I will leave it until they're bored!  (Notice the flattened air packing-they loved popping them!)
Not a lot done for the Tour de Fleece the last two days;  I have three ounces here on the bobbins.  Tomorrow is a race rest day but Wednesday I will card and spin another ounce and then I will be ready to ply.
My body is not cooperating with the activity level I am asking of it.
Pain is such an exhausting state of being.........


  1. I hear you about the pain thing. My hands are not happy right now. My thumbs can barely bend. Ugh.
    Love, love, love....I can't say love enough for the quilt layout. It is spectacular!

  2. Lovely quilts. You know it thrills me when a rainbow quilt has its colors in rainbow order, too! :)

    Sorry you've had an especially rough patch physically... :(

  3. That Ohio star is going to be just beautiful... can't wait to see the finished quilt

  4. Beautiful quilts. These remind me of my mother's quilting. My mother would pee her pants if I decided to pick up the craft. (It's her thing, I knit.)

    Little Kids and Kitties love their boxes. so sweet.

  5. OO I love the colors in the top quilt especially! I have problems getting my colors in quilts to look right. Cute kitties!
    Not spinning this year for the tour. I should I have a stash of fiber!

  6. Love how your Ohio Star quilt is coming together! It takes so much patience to gradually change from color to color.

    1. It took hours to cut and choose the fabrics but the piecing is a snap! I love playing with fabric!

  7. Boy! I get you on the pain thing this week. Hope we are BOTH feeling better soon.

    The quilt is beautiful. I love those waving color bands! GORGEOUS!

  8. I like the new look! I was tempted to start piecing a quilt after seeing your beautiful colors, but I looked at my yarn stash and the "quilt" moment passed.

  9. love the quilt
    love love love the cat


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