Thursday, July 9, 2015

TDF 2015 Day Six ; Wicked Wicker

It has become a joke in this family that Dad is going to paint Mom's wicker furniture;  every time he has gotten to the point to do the job, something comes up!  Against all odds, it really happened today!
We learned that the color of the wet paint is rarely the dried color which is a good thing in our case!  The wet paint looked horrid.  We painted a dab on the paint lid like a real Sherwin Williams' employee and checked it the next day.  It had dried to just the right color!  (both of our youngest sons work for this paint store so it is the only store for us and we learn nifty tips like this one!)
The sprayer gave Bill fits but it did the job.  I can't wait to show you tomorrow when it all dries and I put the new cushions on and set it up on the front porch! 
I played in the sewing room again today putting the two red blocks together so I have done the blocks for July for the RSC 2015.  I need to work some more  on the connecting blocks but I got distracted with an idea........
One skein of this colorway accomplished today for the Tour de Fleece. 
161 yards of superwash merino-it looks like a storm cloud against my rainbow yarn!


  1. We are that way about my front door. I've wanted a new one for 25 years now but something always comes up. It's become a standing joke.
    I love red and white quilts. I was just looking at some on Pinterest but goodness knows I don't need another quilting project until I get some of the ones in progress finished.
    Love the new skein. I'm still wondering how you are getting so much done!

  2. I'm very into monochromatic quilt block designs lately so these lovely red blocks were like eye candy today

  3. Now that I've seen it (the painted wicker), I guess I'll have to believe it!!! ;)

    That yarn looks like granite to me. :)

  4. haha! I'm sorry the sprayer gave Bill the fits too, but I had a good giggle reading about it! I love when a little side project that we've been meaning to do, gets done. so gratifying. Enjoy your renewed wicker! Your superwash spinnings are lovely. It is indeed a lovely storm cloud!

  5. Those sprayers always give Michael fits to, but they sure do make quick work, once you get the fits worked out.


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