Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TDF 2015 Day Three and Four

I'm so glad I have  a bunch of this fiber to spin yet because it was such an easy, soft fiber to turn into yarn!  I spun up the first four batts I carded and ended up with 272 yards.  There will be more of this later on!  Now that's something to look forward to! 
Tonight I spun up half of the superwash merino I dyed in the rainbow colorway.  I decided to split the roving into fourths so I could have two rainbow skeins.  If I had only split it in half, I would have had one skein with one long series of colors.  This is why you have to do a bit of thinking about what you are going to use the yarn for when you are getting ready to spin!  (If you don't make a determined decision before spinning, you will just have to live with what you spun-not the end of the world!)


  1. More finished? I am in awe. I swear I've been spinning for four to five hours every morning and I don't seem to be getting anywhere fast.

  2. Energizer bunny...she just keeps going and going...! :)


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