Sunday, July 26, 2015

TDF 2015 Finish Line

I finished plying this skein of superwash merino (233yds)
and spun up this little sample of FL Gulf Native Sheep when I found some I had missed!  This sample will allow me to knit up a little swatch for my fiber record.
Here is the Grand Finale of the fiber I spun over the course of the race!
There is a total of 2,988 yards of yarn here!
(I couldn't have done it without my electronic spinner which allows me to spin from my recliner, no treadling required;  and it has a Woolee Winder which means I do not have to move the yarn as I spin it onto the bobbin which just saves on the fine motor skills of my fingers!)
This ought to keep me in stitches for a few months! 
Yesterday, I made this little ruffled skirt for Ella!
They are just too much fun to make!  (the pattern is free from Purl Soho)


  1. You'll be in handspun for a good long time! They look beautiful! Happy knitting!

  2. Holy cow! That's a lot of spinning electric or not. I am more than impressed. That skirt is adorable. Someone is really going to love those ruffles.

    1. Wells is a very girlie girl so she will put the ruffles to good use! I'm out of fiber except for 5 lbs of ginned cotton; that ought to keep me busy!

  3. That's a lot of yarn! Better get some more fiber to have on hand just in case the spinning bug strikes sometime soon...wouldn't want to be fiber-less if that happens! :)

    The skirt is beautiful.


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