Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TDF Day 10

I spun a new-to-me fiber tonight, a black Welsh Mountain roving.  It spun up so nicely like so many of the medium wools do.  (It was a bit more boring to spin the brown and not multi-colored roving but I imagined a roll of dark chocolate and did just fine!)
In the yard, our Angel Trumpet is blooming away. 
The bloom is very large and is pretty heavy;  waxy looking, too. 
There is no sweet aroma but the inners are fascinating! 
Even the buds are unusual!  (And large) 
A nearby bromeliad is happily blooming. 
I also found a bit of fabric for a romper for Eli.  I have a master sheet I trace off the patterns....I used this pattern to make rompers for his dad.  I'm feeling nostalgic!


  1. That romper is the cutest thing ever!
    Love the chocolate yarn. It does look good enough to eat.

  2. Eli's fat little legs sticking out of the romper will be a beautiful sight! :)

    I like your coping mechanism for spinning solid brown...chocolate makes everything better!

    Pretty flowers, too...


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