Monday, July 13, 2015

TDF Day Off , So.....

I finished the reversible hat #3 ; only one more to go.  I have to make one now for the baby cuz this idea was to make a hat for each of the members of the family. 
I have been making so many girl things I decided to make a pair of shorts for Will.  He considers himself a golfer like his Dad so he will love these! 
I saw this guy cranking across the back yard;  I had to get his picture!  He wasn't happy to be intercepted but he faced off without hiding in his shell! 
On the walk back, I found another Loofah bloom;  they are so pretty. 
And several loofahs are growing.  These are orphan plants but we like them so we left them. 
I finished two more blocks.  I had a hard time finding fabric to make all the squares since I used scraps to make the star blocks and didn't leave enough for the connecting blocks!  I might have to be a bit more flexible in the block plans! 
I was cleaning out some of the fabric bins and digging around and found a box of these pins.  I started collecting them in the 90's.  They have never been displayed;  they have sat in a box for decades!  I pulled out some fabric and batting and pinned them on and hung it on the wall!  Much better! 
I cast on a sock and knitted to my hearts content.......
It was a good day of rest.


  1. As usual, your rest day makes the average person look like a sloth!!

    Cute shorts -- I'm sure Will will love to wear them.

  2. I love those pins! That is one big tortoise!


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