Sunday, July 5, 2015

TDF Day Two and a Bonus

When I spin my wheels about what to knit, I dig through the UFO pile and I found the knitting bag with this hat (I was knitting a whole family set of these and got stalled on this one) and picked up where I was and hit the charts again.  I knit this on the way to church-the church where our son goes about an hour north of us.  Son #3 came with his family, too.  It was great to visit with them and their church family! 
After church and dinner, we took the kids to a nearby park to play and run around.  This was taken on the trail walk-I walked and the kids ran!   
When we got home and had popsicles to cool down, a big storm rolled through;  it was beautiful!
Caleb and family headed home and we went back for the evening service and then on home.  Will cuddled on my lap for a story time and then slipped into a well earned nap.  So sweet.  It was a great family day. 
When we got home (9 pm!) , I grabbed a batt of the Florida Gulf Native sheep fiber and set up th e-spinner in the living room for a bit of a spin.  I take the commitment to spin each day of the race seriously!  
I attenuated (draft out or stretch out) the fiber so that I have a roving to spin.  It makes the batt all fluffy and easy to spin.   
I spun one ounce tonight-about an hour's spin.
More tomorrow-this racer is out of oomph!


  1. Busy days!
    I do the same with my batts. I find it very relaxing to sit and pull them out into roving. During the Tour it's my evening ritual to be ready for the next morning.

  2. So much going on! I am glad you had a good time with your family. That picture of the sleeping baby is just so sweet it hurts.

    I'm impressed you were able to pick up your hat and figure out where you were. I always tell myself before I "hibernate" something I'll put some decent notes on where I was, but I always forget! I can't fairisle anyways. maybe someday. hehe.

    I don't spin, but I love following you guys that do during this time of year, very fun!

  3. Nice updates! I was going to spin last night, but my knee is acting up -- grr! I can hear it calling me, though. :)


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